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Episode · 3 days ago

The Future of Air Quality Modeling - Part 2 and 2

In this episode we look ahead to the future of available air quality models. From there, we cover proactive steps that facilities can take to prepare for possible modeling obligations in advance of important capital projects. The importance of potential meteorological monitoring and ambient pollutant background monitoring are also covered in the context of upcoming projects.

Episode · 2 weeks ago

The Future of Air Quality Modeling - Part 1 of 2

In this episode we discuss the increasing strategic importance of air quality modeling in capital planning. We cover how modeling has evolved over time, review current events related to National Ambient Air Quality Standards, and talk about how air toxics programs are changing and how an increasing emphasis on environmental justice policy could influence modeling requirements in the future

Episode · 1 month ago

Environmental Justice Continued – What Skillsets Does Your Environmental Team Need?

In this episode we continue our dive into Environmental Justice Policy. The Environmental Justice process requires taking technical environmental information and communicating it in a different way than we might be accustomed from our past experiences. With that in mind, this episode focuses on the stakeholders involved in the Environmental Justice public meeting process and discusses the skillsets that are needed from both the regulatory agencies and facility environmental teams to make the process as efficient and effective as possible.

Episode · 2 months ago

Environmental Justice Policy – Planning Ahead for Big Capital Projects

In this episode we explore the concept of Environmental Justice policy as it relates to environmental permitting.  We discuss how companies can plan ahead for situations where Environmental Justice policy could impact the timing of an important capital project and how to minimize those delays.